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How do we start describing drainage problems? At home or work, it’s always a mess! And when they occur at inconvenient times? It could be frustrating. Drainage problems come with all sorts of inconveniences, and the only thing on the mind of anyone who faced plumbing issues is prompt solutions! 

We do our best to bring the good people of Flamer the very best in residential and commercial drainage services according to the industry best practices.  

That’s actually what we offer at Drainage Services Flamer. Prompt, round-the-clock response to emergency and recurring drainage problems. Many of our customers attest to this.


At Flamer Drainage Services, we offer a range of services that keep water flowing perfectly and guarantees peace of mind. Here are some of them:

  • Drain cleaning Flamer

When water stops flowing in your sinks and baths, you already know it’s caused by a blockage. However, there are different kinds of blockages. Some are caused by food particles and grease that manage to drain down the sink. They build up and clog up the pipe ways.

 Sometimes the blockages are caused by solid particles in the pipe itself. The good news is, we have the answer to all kinds of blockages through our cleaning procedures. Water will flow in no time!

  • Drain jetting Flamer

Sometimes, the blockage requires much more than “cleaning”, and you don’t want pipes excavated. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We often employ drain jetting in such instances. We employ high-pressure water jets to clear off any kind of blockages, regardless of the length of the pipe.

 Drain jetting is a very effective method that also requires experience and expertise.

  •  Drain repairs Flamer

Sometimes when drains are damaged, the repairs don’t have to involve the complete replacement of damaged pipes. At Flamer Drainage Services, we know how to repair damaged drains by relining the pipes.

This highly skilled procedure involves moulding resin inside the pipe and thereby adding a protective layer to the inside of the damaged pipe. Complete pipe replacement could be very messy and disruptive. Repair is a good alternative.

  • Drain relining Flamer

Sometimes, one lining isn’t enough. When pipes require extra lining, we add an extra layer to repair the pipes. This also saves cost as it can easily be employed instead of the total replacement of entire drains.

  • Drain replacement Flamer

If after assessing the drains, we realise they are worn out beyond constant repairs, we normally recommend drain replacement. It is a holistic project that requires experience and expertise. If your drains require new life, call us at Flamer for quality replacement of Drains.

  • Drainage installation Flamer

Now, this is our speciality. Let’s be honest, once a building keeps calling for drainage services, we know immediately the drain installation was not handled by Flamer. Sometimes a drainage system is so dilapidated that it needs a complete overhaul.

 So, whether it’s a new building requiring expert drainage installation or an old building requiring a drainage overhaul, our team of experts are at your beck and call to get the job done.

  • Drain lining Flamer

In this procedure, we use expert techniques to fix damaged pipes from the inside, bonding the inner parts of the pipe with lining, thereby rectifying the faults. It’s a cost-effective process that works!

  • Drain rodding

In rodding, we use flexible rods to clear blockages that only such techniques can handle. These blockages make the flow of water difficult or impossible.

  • Drain milling Flamer

This procedure removes huge deposits attached to pipes without even removing the pipes at all. We not only clear the blockages in pipes, but we can also prevent them from being blocked again.

  • Drain excavation Flamer

 This is a major process that involves digging trenches around pipes to repair damages. This procedure is ideal when there’s no other option of rectifying the damaged pipes. At residential or commercial buildings, drain excavation requires experienced hands, which abound at Portslade.

  • Drain maintenance Flamer

We offer professional services on maintaining your drainages. Sometimes, the problems are quietly lurking. When we run checks on drainages, we can quickly discover and rectify hidden blockages.

  • Leak detection Flamer

At Flamer Drainage Services, we also investigate leakages. Sometimes, such leaks seep through the walls and the ground causing all manner of mess. The problem is, it is extremely difficult to know where exactly the sources of the leaks are.

However, this is not a problem for us at all. We can investigate, find out, and rectify leakages anywhere it is found.

Contact the professionals at DRAINAGE SERVICES Flamer by calling our office at 0193 550 7644, or visit our contact page to request an inspection.


We are number 1 in all of Flamer. Our thousands of customers attest to this every day. These are some of the reasons why we are the most trusted name in drains solutions in all of Flamer.

  • Excellent After-Service Counseling: We not only deliver excellent drainage services, but we also follow up with great after-service counselling on how to keep water flowing at no extra cost. When we help fix your drains, we help keep it that way with expert counsel on things to do and things to avoid to keep the drains free.
  • We are a team of professionals. We have an excellent team of technocrats who are familiar with the latest technologies and trends in the industry. Our team is capable of dealing with every kind of drainage challenge.
  • We offer round-the-clock, 24-hr Emergency services on every kind of drainage issue. We are available for service 24 hours of the day, every day. Our hotline is also available every hour of the day.
  • We are always near you. No matter where you are in Flamer, Don’t believe? Make a simple “drain service near me” Google search today and you will find us in the first-page result. We have wide coverage, and our services can be easily accessed everywhere. With just a call, our team of professionals will reach you in no time.
  • Affordability. Our services are world-class, but it won’t hurt your purse. Our services are affordable and reliable.
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Got a drainage problem in Flamer ? Contact us by calling our office at 0193 550 7644, or visit our contact page to request an inspection.

Sean Mahony
Sean Mahony
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They were very friendly and efficiently cleared the initial blockage. They carried out a CCTV survey of the drain and found a metal object in the drain which was causing the ongoing problem. Jake was able to also remove this. Excellent job done.
Sarah Donovan
Sarah Donovan
Read More
Excellent service by Blocked Drains Bournemouth. Rang another well known drain unblocking company who wanted twice the price for what Blocked Drains Bournemouth charged. The girl on the phone was lovely and very customer service friendly, booked me in no hassles and as promised they rang me a half hour before the technician arrived. The guy who arrived was really nice and down to earth and had the job done in about 10 minutes. Will definitely be using their service again if ever needed. I would highly recommend.
Max Coleman
Max Coleman
Read More
Quick, efficient and knowledgeable service. Ian was very helpful, and was out to do a CCTV drain inspection less than 24 hours after I called. I didn't need an engineers report, so they sent me on the videos and a plan of the drainage system around the house.
Lucy Graham
Lucy Graham
Read More
Thanks for the recent late night call out! 5 star service from the guy who arrived to an emergency we had at our home. Would highly recommend.
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